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Matrox PowerWall Software Ürün Detayı

PowerWall Software

Video Wall Designs And Installations Made Easy

Matrox® PowerWall™ is an advanced yet easy-to-use management software included with Matrox QuadHead2Go™ multi-monitor controllers. Designed to simplify video wall designs and installations, Matrox PowerWall software allows the QuadHead2Go devices to be set up in three quick steps—discover, configure, and deploy. Integrators can install and use the intuitive software in offline mode to customize configurations of any type and size, and control the outputs independently—even before establishing an active connection to QuadHead2Go—making video wall deployment easy.

For OEMs and system integrators seeking to customize applications ranging from single-function operation to thorough integration, the complimentary Matrox QuadHead2Go REST API is available upon request.

Matrox PowerWall Makes Deployments Simple and Efficient

Discover and Communicate Instantly


  • Locate units effortlessly over the network using a DHCP or Static IP address.
  • Discover multiple QuadHead2Go™ units and set their respective configurations from a central location.

Design Classic Rectangular and Artistic or Non-Rectangular Configurations


  • Create and save pre-set configurations in advance by working offline without needing an active connection to a video wall controller or any other source.
  • Customize configurations to replace the original pre-sets, enabling faster setups—edit, save, or delete configurations at will.
  • Manage display modes with great flexibility by taking in an input video of any resolution up to 8K x 8K and displaying each output in any resolution up to Full HD 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz.
  • Rotate each output independent of the others in 90-degree increments—90, 180, and 270 degrees—for countless possible artistic video wall configurations.
  • Control and fine-tune bezels using the pre-set images to ensure seamless image displays.
  • Optimize visuals by cropping, upscaling, or downscaling the content as desired.

Remote Video Wall


  • Easily upload customized configurations from the software to the units with the click of a button.
  • Free up resources for other services by removing the software soon after deployment without affecting the video wall.

Design Artistic Video Wall Configurations with Bezel Management

Video Wall Without Bezel Management

Without bezel management 

PowerWall Bezel Management

Fine-tuned bezels for seamless image displays

System requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10

Tailor Operations or Create New Software Applications Using the API.

Custom Applications

Easily integrate the functionalities of PowerWall into your own applications with the QuadHead2Go REST API. Further customize the appearance of your Matrox product—with new company naming, images, logos, colors, buttons, and identity—for greater ease of use and complete white label branding of Matrox hardware and software.


Matrox PowerWall Datasheet

Matrox PowerWall Software