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D1480 Quad DisplayPort Graphics Card - Matrox - Turanlı Elektronik

D1480 Quad DisplayPort Graphics Card Ürün Detayı

Matrox D-Series D1480 Quad DisplayPort Graphics Card

Purpose-built to drive next-generation video walls, the Matrox® D-Series D1480 quad-monitor graphics card powers up to four synchronized 4Kp60 displays from a single graphics board. A full-height, Gen 3 PCIe® x16 card with four native DisplayPort™ connectors, D1480 delivers smooth video playback and exceptional graphics performance for a wide range of commercial and critical 24/7 video wall applications, including control rooms, enterprises, industries, government, military, pro AV, digital signage, security, and more. As part of the Matrox video wall portfolio, D1480 also offers a complete range of video wall software, APIs, SDKs, and libraries, allowing OEMs, system integrators, AV installers, and developers to create custom control functions and applications for any video wall installation.

Advanced Capabilities

Advanced Capability

  • Drive up to four ultra high resolution displays

  • Experience smooth video playback and graphics performance with 4 GB of graphics memory.

  • Drive up to 16 synchronized displays and reduce tearing by framelocking up to four D-Series cards together using board-to-board framelock cables – also save slot space as a separate card is not needed for the synchronization.

  • Run the latest professional applications with its support for Microsoft® DirectX® 12 and OpenGL®.
  • Prevent loose cabling with secure connectors.

HDCP compliant

HDCP Compliant

  • Display HDCP protected content with D-Series graphics cards.

  • Capture and display of HDCP-protected content on video walls by coupling D-Series with Matrox Mura IPX capture cards.

Proven Video Wall Ecosystem

Proven Video Wall Ecosystem

  • Add best-in-class, multi-channel 4K capture, encode, decode, and display capabilities by combining D-Series with Matrox Mura IPX capture cards.

  • Drive up to 64 1920x1080p60 displays by pairing D-Series with multiple Matrox QuadHead2Go™ multi-monitor controllers

  • Create artistic video walls by pairing D-Series with multiple QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controllers.

Custom Control

Custom Control

  • Customize your setup with the easy-to-use Matrox PowerDesk™ desktop management software.

  • Deploy tailor-made display configurations including stretched or independent desktops, clone mode, pivot, bezel management, edge overlap, and more.

  • Easily manage your video walls with the intuitive Matrox MuraControl™ software.

  • Develop custom functions and/or personalized applications using the Matrox video wall APIs, SDKs, and libraries.

Validated Platforms

OS Agnostic

Matrox video wall products are supported in numerous non-validated, COTS motherboards and systems but a select few of these solutions have been thoroughly tested, verified, and validated by Matrox. Choosing a validated platform guarantees a high-quality solution to drive your display wall systems. Matrox fanless video wall products are only supported in validated platforms. Matrox is constantly reviewing new systems and looking to validate new platforms across multiple price points.

Matrox PowerDesk

Matrox PowerDesk

The robust, field-proven Matrox PowerDesk desktop management software for Windows lets you easily configure and manage multi-display setups. It offers professional clients a comprehensive set of tools to deploy and control a variety of display configurations.

Stretched desktop Matrox Powerdesk

Stretched Desktop

Create an ultra-large desktop to expand a single application across all screens.

Independent desktop Matrox Powerwall

Independent Mode

Set displays independently from one another to open different applications within each screen.

PowerDesk Clone Mode

Clone Mode

Duplicate content to show the same information on all displays.

PowerDesk Edge Overlap

Edge Overlap

Adjust the number of overlapping pixels between edge blending projectors to build a seamless, unified image.

PowerDesk Bezel Management

Bezel Management

Compensate for the physical space created by monitor bezels to output a continuous image across multiple displays.

PowerDesk Pivot Mode

Pivot Mode

Select any combination of portrait or landscape and set the orientation that works best for you.

PowerDesk EDID Management

EDID Management

Provide consistent EDID signal to the graphics card to ensure video is displayed correctly.

Matrox MuraControl

Matrox MuraControl is a low-cost, premium performance, video wall management software that provides an easy and intuitive way to manage your Matrox-based video wall, multiviewer, or personal video wall locally or remotely. Available as a feature-rich, single-license software for Microsoft® Windows® or as a free, lighter version app for iPad™ with drag & drop functionality, it can be used to create and manage layouts offline or in real time.

Matrox MuraControl for Windows and iPad

  1. Easily manage inbound and outbound AV streams

  2. Create, save, rename, copy, export, import and delete layouts/presets

  3. Window transparency and color-keying functions

  4. Robust upgrade and software-support program

  5. Position, scale, clone, crop, frame, and label input windows

  6. Apply color-correction, multi-lingual text overlay, and de-interlacing


Matrox D-Series D1480 quad DisplayPort graphics cards are a perfect fit for many applications. Have a specific idea in mind? Contact our sales team and work together to build a solution.

Tech Specs

Part Number


Bus Interface

PCIe x16 Gen 3

Video Output

Number of channels:

4x DisplayPort 1.4

Audio Output

Multi-stream audio through DisplayPort (4 streams)

Maximum Number of Cards per System


Framelock Support






Video Output Resolutions

5120x2300 @ 60Hz

Video and Audio Processing
Clone Mode


Rotation (output)


Edge Overlap


Bezel Management


Video Scaling


Video Cropping


Stretched Desktop Support


HDCP Support


Supported Graphics Control

DirectX® 12.0
Open GL® 4.5
Open CL™ 1.2

Product Dimensions

Length: 7.928" (20.137 cm)
Height: 4.999" (12.697 cm)


Active (with fan)

Hardware & Software
Accessories (sold separately)

Board-to-Board Framelock Cable (CAB-FL-F)


Matrox PowerDesk (free download)

Main Software Features

Independent Desktop Mode

Stretched Desktop Mode

Clone Mode

Pivot Mode

Operating Conditions

Temperature: 5 to 55 degrees Celsius near board ambient

Power Consumption


System Requirements

Single available PCIe x16 lane
4 GB of system memory

Supported Operating Systems (hardware)

Microsoft® Windows® 10 (64-bit)

EMC/EMI Device Class

Class B

EMC/EMI Certifications



ICES-3 (Canada)

KC (Korea)

RCM (Aus/NZ)

Environmental Certifications

China RoHS




Three-year limited warranty with free telephone support